Mrs. , Please

Out on an errand, as I finished placing things in the car, get in and begin to drive off, I hear Mrs. , please. I turn to look and stop, a lady all bundled up to keep warm, and shopping bags on each arm, said :”Mrs., please can you give me a ride?” I was weary at first, then she said: ” I won’t hurt you.”  So I let her in the back seat, and then I asked her are you hungry? She said : “No, Mam I just ate.” I dropped her off and went on, we had talked about a few things, she lost her wallet, and needed a ride back to where she thought she left it, she left out of my car, and kept thanking me.

I never ever pick up strangers, but the tone of her voice, her genuine tone, her story was short, but her truth was real.     – ßridgette

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