These Hands…

These hands are an extension of my imagination, creative, intense, empowerment, my blood, sweat and tears pour from my soul through my finger tips to my tool of choice: pencil, paint, pastels, pen or whatever I may desire to use to express myself onto this white sheet of paper that lays here blank. It waits for me to fill it with colors, bring it to Life, a character that turns into words, that turn into a book. For every child that reads this, will engage their own journey of creative wonder, a magical ride within their own world of imagination. 

It is a delight to see the amazement and wonder in a child’s eyes, it is simply priceless, and heart-warming to see a child so intense in their own imagination, they are their own getaway into a magical journey, that begins with my hands. It is my sole aspiration to continue to create magical wonders for the tiny people of the world.

-ßridgette Edmond CEO.                          #froggylife78books

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